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HealthTest provides quality, cost effective, customer-focused healthcare services to its patients, with the goal of improving the health of the community it serves, through state of the art preventive medical services.

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Information about how to prevent certain medical conditions.

What other doctors say
See what other informed doctors believe about EBT Scanners and the numerous Scanning tests.

Physician's Referral Network
Browse our network of physicians who feel similarly and are knowledgeable in EBT and other aspects of Early Detection and Preventive Medicine.

In the news
EBT Scans and Preventative Medicine has been in the news spotlight recently. Click here to view some articles.

Medical Literature
At HealthTestScan.com, we believe an educated patient is the best type of patient. Click here to view some recommended medical literature.

Location Map & Driving Directions
Click here for a convenient map and driving directions to our EBT Scanning facilities.

Related Links
Click here for other knowledgable sources on heart, lung, preventative medicine, and EBT scan information.


Heart Scans
With EBT Scans, we can detect myocardial infarctions and other heart related diseases with high sensitivity and specificity.

Lung Scans
HealthTest uses EBT technology to obtain the highest resolution CT images of the lungs possible. This is used to evaluate for lung cancer and other diseases of the lung.

Bone Density Scans
Osteoporosis and other bone diseases can be detected using our EBT Scanners. Click here for more information.

Virtual Colonoscopy
The Health Test Scan Center in Boca Raton offers EBT Colonography or Virtual Colonoscopy, a new method of looking at the large bowel (colon) to detect polyps and cancers. This technique uses the EBT scanner and virtual reality software to look inside the body non-invasively. Click here for more information.

Diagnostic CT Scanning
Click here for more information on Diagnostic CT Scanning and how it can be used to develop cross-sectional images of the body.

Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) Scanning
Click here for more information on Electron Beam Tomography, or EBT Scanning and how this technology can detect unforseen medical conditions.


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