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Heart Scans


Learn more OR Schedule Appointment 1-(877)432-7830 OR Click HereDid you know? :

  • that over 1.5 million Americans suffer a heart attack each year?
  • that over 1/3 of these people will die as a result?
  • that for over 1/3 of these people the first and only sign of heart disease is sudden death?
  • that stress testing misses all but only the most severe disease?
  • That no other non-invasive technology can detect Coronary Heart Disease as early as the HeartTest EBT Coronary Artery Scan?

It is now known that most myocardial infarctions are caused by plaque rupture, followed by platelet aggregation and clot formation, which occludes the artery. We used to think that most myocardial infarctions were caused by plaque which was highly stenotic. We now know that this is not the case. Most MI's are caused by plaque which is less than 50% stenotic. Unfortunately, until the development of EBT there was no way to diagnose this early disease. Stress testing can only diagnose disease with 60-70% stenosis or greater.

Now, with EBT, we can detect this early disease with high sensitivity and specificity. The HeartTest Coronary Artery Calcium Scan is an excellent screening tool that measures the amount of calcium (plaque) in the coronary arteries and calcium is medically proven to be a "clinical marker" for Coronary Artery Disease. Calcium has been proven to be the most powerful predictor of heart attacks, sudden death and other manifestations of coronary heart disease. EBT is the only proven technology for early detection of Coronary Heart Disease.

An EBT HeartTest detects plaque years, or decades, before stress testing or any other type of non-invasive technology. The sooner coronary artery disease is detected the greater chance it could be arrested or reversed, often by medication or by simple lifestyle changes. The key is early detection.

What is the procedure for the HeartTest Coronary Artery Scan?
On arrival the patient will fill out a brief health questionnaire, which will be used to better individualize their report. The patient will then be brought to the scanner where they will briefly lie on the table. The scan itself will take less than a minute. Total time at HealthTest will be approximately 15 minutes. The scanner is non-claustrophobic, no needles, dyes or injections and no need to undress.

Individuals with an increased risk of heart disease, more likely to benefit from a HeartTest Heart Scan include those:

  • Men 40 years of age or older. (Younger if risk factors are present)
  • Woman 50 years of age and older. (Younger if risk factors are present)
  • Risk factors include:
    • Family history of heart disease, stroke or other vascular disease;
    • Personal history of stroke or other vascular disease;
    • History of smoking;
    • Abnormal cholesterol or other lipids;
    • High blood pressure;
    • Sedentary and/or high stress lifestyle;
    • Obesity;
    • Diabetes;
    • Gout.
  • Individuals with known coronary artery disease, to monitor for progression or regression of disease.
  • Individuals with symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, fainting, fluttering or rapid heartbeat, ankle swelling, or worsening exercise tolerance.
  • Individuals with an abnormal EKG or equivocal stress test

HealthTest, The One Minute Scan That Could Save Your Life.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call one of our friendly consultants at
877-432-7815 Boca Raton.



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