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CT Scan of King Tut provides information on cause of death.
- 05/10/05

CT Scans, MRI Not to Blame For Rising Health Costs
- 05/30/05
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Welcome to HealthTestScan.com


HealthTest uses the most powerful technology available today - Ultrafast Full Body CT scanning with Electron Beam Tomography (EBT). EBT brings powerful knowledge to you, about the health of your patients more accurately and faster than ever before.HealthTest is one of only a small number of centers nationwide - including many major University Centers - using this technology. HealthTest EBT Scans can detect Heart Disease.

Interested in getting a scan? Click Here to learn more or set an appointment.

Cancer and many other Health problems early, when the chance of cure is greatest.


The EBT scanner is a sophisticated and extremely fast diagnostic imaging tool that can take cardiac and other images between heartbeats, with great precision. EBT is a "gold standard" technology with years of scientific validation in cardiology and radiology literature (many times faster than slower, less proven, mechanical "helical" and "spiral" CT scanners).


There are over 500 peer reviewed articles in the medical literature on EBT. In addition, EBT technology has recently been profiled on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, USA Today and many national publications.


Using EBT technology, a full body scan is designed to show a computerized three dimensional view of vital organs with the main benefit being able to detect early stages of diseases, such as heart disease, lung disease and cancer.

Our Vision:

HealthTest will be a world-class model of excellence as a high quality and cost effective institution whose primary focus is to improve the health of the members of the community it serves.

Our Mission:

HealthTest provides quality, cost effective, customer-focused healthcare services to its patients, with the goal of improving the health of the community it serves, through state of the art preventive medical services.

HealthTest Coronary Artery Scan
HealthTest Electron Beam Angiography of the Coronary Arteries
Lung Scan
Body Scan
Colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy)
Bone Density Scan
Full range of Diagnostic EBCT is also available at HealthTest.
Warm friendly atmosphere with personnel always ready to help you.
Most Scans do not require any special preparation- no fasting or discontinuing of current medications (colonography excepted).
Scans are simple and fast. Most scans take just minutes to perform and there is no need to disrobe or exercise while being tested.
Scans are non-invasive (colonography/EBA, minimally invasive).
Scans are safe with minimal radiation exposure. The EBT scanner is open-faced and non-claustrophobic.
Easy access from the entire tri-county area. (click on Where is HeartTest for directions)

HealthTest is under the direction of Dr. Joseph Horgan, medical director and a well-known South Florida cardiologist, in association with other South Florida cardiologists, radiologists, physicians and healthcare providers. Our knowledge of cardiac and other medical risks, disease and prevention as well as patient needs and fears has helped create an easy-to-use center for Early Detection that's second to none.

Our superior staff is dedicated to ensuring that every step of your experience at HealthTest - from setting up an appointment to receiving results and recommendations - is convenient, comfortable and concise.

RADIATION ALERT- The FDA is concerned about the indiscriminate use of Whole Body Scans. We at HealthTest are equally concerned. Whole Body scans can be of tremendous value in detecting many medical problems early when the chance for cure is greatest. HealthTest’s unique EBT technology allows high resolution scanning with up to 10 times less radiation exposure. HealthTest’s Body Scan uses no more radiation than one would be exposed to, annually, from natural causes. However, even with this advanced technology, excessive use can expose individuals to unnecessary radiation without providing additional benefit. Recommended guidelines should be followed and consultation with your physician is recommended.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call one of our friendly consultants at
877-432-7815 Boca Raton.



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